The Two Day Rest

Today I had two consecutive rest days! WTF!

For me and many runners this is unheard of and is the craziest thing you could possibly do (And we run marathons for fun!). Who would possibly have not one, but two rest days?! In a row!

My main reason for this was my work and social life had more going on than in my run life, and for me that never happens. My friends can tell you that I am a very focused person and stick to a rigid training regime and must do certain runs and activities during the week, and if I don’t do this I feel very out of place. So two rest days is definitely an “are you okay” moment.

The importance of rest is just as high as any training that you do, it is a chance for your body and mind to relax and breathe. And it also allows you to do something other than train. For myself and many others this is very difficult as running is a huge part of my life and I experience major FOMO when I see others out and about when i’m not part of it. Weird right?

It is easy to say, rest is important and I always encourage my friends to take rest days. But it is also very hard to listen to this advice yourself. Therefore, I can not push firmly enough the benefit of rest days…

Rest days are also great because it is a time where you can catch up on those missing calories that you have burnt off and also you can prepare (/carb load) ready for the next few days of training, how much of a better reason do you want!?

Still not convinced, here are 6 top reasons to enjoy rest day(s):
1. Injury Prevention
2. Your muscles need rest
3. You won’t loose performance (Key point! And often hard to believe)
4. Over training affects sleep
5. Your immune system can overheat
6. Mental Edge

I was planning on finding and listing more reasons to properly drive my point home, but honestly you know them. You can’t deny that you have never thought “oh I should probably have a rest day” whilst lacing up your trainers and heading out the door. Listening to your body is key as they say, but if you’ve had a stressful day and want nothing more than to get out and run, resting is very difficult.

For this I would always say get out and about, you don’t have to be cooped up at home to rest. Go to the cinema, go for dinner, go for a walk, go do something, BUT always remember to rest and to enjoy it! Rest days are scarce and a luxury during intense training, appreciate them when they appear!

Good luck out their kids, and don’t forget to take a nap sometimes!


P.S Yes I have used a Parks and Recreation photo for this, I LOVE this show and this scene and it speaks 100 times more than anything I could have written in this post.


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